About Me


To get the basics out of the way, I am Janae Stanfield.  I am currently a junior at Carroll University, and I’m majoring in Mathematics with a Business Finance minor.  I’m from Wisconsin, but I refuse to immerse myself in the dialect.  Such as "beg" for "bag."  I love traveling.  I studied abroad in London for the Spring of 2015, and I had the opportunity to travel Europe while I was there for five months.  I have really really really long hair.  When I say long, I mean like Rapunzel long, and I’m not kidding.  I have two beautiful sisters and two loving, supportive parents.

Past all of the basics, here are some things you may not have known.  I am in love with coffee.  Pour over, filter, cold brew, you name it, I love it.  My style changed quite a bit, but I'm recently loving just a basic white tee.  I love chunky, cable knit sweaters.  I can jam out to Taylor Swift all day every day, and I know every lyric of every song.  I’m very neat and organized.  Gilmore Girls is my favorite tv show, and I long to live on the East Coast some day.

Facts about myself give you a little insight, but it truly doesn’t scratch the surface.  To be quite honest, I have wanted to start a blog for sometime, but never really got around to it.  Even with piles of homework and a to-do list that is never ending, I just need a creative outlet.  This blog will essentially do just that.  I am planning on sharing outfit ideas, fun travels, and just anything interesting that is going on in my life!  Thank you all so much for checking this out, and I’m excited to start sharing!



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  1. I love your pictures - they look very professional - especially the ones taken at night! So happy you are enjoying your experience!