Friday, August 28, 2015

3 Cures for Back-to-School Blues

As I'm sitting in Starbucks, I just realized I have one week left of Summer break.  One freaking week.  I'm kind of at a bittersweet moment right now simply because I'm realizing my crazy last minute flights will be virtually nonexistent, but the great news is actually having a real schedule.  As most of you know, my year has been crazy.  It feels like I'm in this country one day, then this state the other.  Truth is, traveling is exhausting.  I love it, but I'm so happy to chill out for awhile.

Next week I move back on Carroll's campus, and let me just say I am freaked out.  It's almost been a year since I've lived in Waukesha, only worried about school, studied all day, and seen a lot of my friends on campus.  With that being said, I've been trying to think of things that will make this transition back a little easier!  This year I have my own room (and bathroom) so that in itself makes me ecstatic!  I've created a compilation of random things that may make going back to school a little easier and brighter.

1. My Agenda
Every year I get a new agenda, and I think this is actually my favorite.  I just have a thing for Kate Spade, and I couldn't help but get their new agenda!  I mean how cute are the gold polka dots?  I was sold immediately.  Last year my agenda was really fun and kept me organized, but this year I wanted something a little more classic.  I also found a couple other agendas here, here, and here.  I wish I could just use all of them, but there's always next year!

2.  My Bathroom
Since I get a bathroom all for myself, I may have gotten a little too excited.  I found this super cute shower curtain from JCPenney.  I was actually really surprised when I found it there, but I just love the ruffles.  I decided to role with the colors so I'm going to do white, coral, pink, and pops of yellow. Not girly at all right?  I just figured when's the next time I'll be able to have such a cute bathroom so I'm going all out.  I also got this card and this card from Rifle Paper Co. to frame and hang up.  I am so excited it's not even funny, and it's literally a bathroom.

3.  Back to School Fashion
This year feels just so different going back to school then any other year.  Instead of hiding behind my boxes, I'm getting so excited to make the switch from Summer clothes to Fall clothes.  It must be the idea of snuggling under my new Irish wool blanket, drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and watching a movie that makes me want to bring out my sweaters right now.

Each Fall I try to get a few key pieces that will add to my closet, but will mix and match easily.  I found this super cute blazer at J.Crew that I'm so tempted to buy, but we will see.  I wear my navy schoolboy blazer all of the time in the winter, so this may be my next one.  I also love this sweater that comes in five colors!  I absolutely love all of my sweaters from J.Crew because they are so easy to layer with, they are comfortable, and are high quality.  I am pretty I'll have the light blue one in my closet by the weekend to be honest.  Oops.  One last thing that I've been dying to get is a new pair of ankle boots.  I absolutely adore these from Aldo.  Gosh, can Fall just come already?!

Have any good back to school advice?  I'd love to hear about it!


Tuesday, August 11, 2015


To be honest, I've struggled a lot these past few weeks.  Between death of a close family friend, my dog's death, and just feeling sort of inadequate, these weeks brought on more than I thought I could handle.  Usually, I like to blog about cool new things that are occurring in my life or what I enjoy, but I just feel compelled to be 100% real.  Too many times I catch myself getting bitter after reading some of my favorite bloggers' posts.  I just don't understand how someone can be so perfect.  How can her hair look that good?  How can she pull off that outfit? Why can't I be her?  These thoughts ultimately bring me down, even though they aren't meant to.

After feeling this way though, I guess I've just thought about me.  Do I come off as perfect?  Do I seem like I have it together all of the time?  I'd be lying if I said I have it all together because the truth is I'm flawed.  I make mistakes, I have awful hair days, I like wearing oversized tees at home, and my room is still a mess from being in London.  So many times I hide my insecurities though because I like to be put together.  I love that clean and crisp look that you see on blogs, magazines, and billboards.  What I forget is that everyone has flaws, and it's okay to let your walls down.  As for standing up tall and folding my hands a certain way, that is just me and I'm actually not trying.

For fun, before I left London I decided to come up with a list of some pretty idiotic things I may have done.  Some of them may not have been my fault, but nevertheless have occurred.  I feel like within the past few weeks I did some pretty dumb things too, so I added one of those on the list as well.

Top 5 Worst Decisions:
1. Visiting Milan without having done any prior research.  That 8 hour supposed to be fun stop in Milan ended up being spent in the train station.  FOR EIGHT HOURS with no wifi.

2.  Did I mention I only packed three pairs of socks for a two week Spring break trip?  Ya, that's pretty self explanatory.

3.  Hopping onto the subway in Munich without actually paying for a two euro ticket.  After being caught by the German transportation police and forty euros later, I finally got to walk away.  I literally thought I was going to a German prison.

4.  Showing up to the Oklahoma City airport twelve hours after my flight left.  That's right.  I bought and misread my ticket about a thousand times seeing that my 5pm ticket was actually at 5am.

5.  Not bringing a suitable pair of tennis shoes for a two week trip.  Who doesn't bring good shoes for a European trip where you're literally walking everywhere? Janae.

It was actually kind of fun remembering some pretty dumb things that I've done.  During those times it wasn't exactly fun, but it's fun to laugh at yourself.  So for anyone who thinks that they are the only ones who make mistakes, this is for you.  You are not alone.  We all don't have it all together, we may cry in airports, we may sing out loud in cafes when you forget you're wearing headphones (okay, maybe that's just me), but we are all human.  Maybe this is just a reminder for myself, but I hope you don't feel like you just wasted the last ten or so minutes of your life.