Monday, November 9, 2015

The Positive

I'm actually kind of laughing at myself because I wrote a blog post about a month ago explaining how I prioritize and the best way to keep your life as stressless as possible.  I would post it, but I realized that I couldn't even fulfill the expectations I set for myself.  After midterms passed, I was convinced school would turn around, and I would be able to calm down and get back to the "normal" semester I so wished I had.  Sadly enough, things got worse, my stress levels rose to an ultimate max, and I'm pretty sure I'm losing hair.

After feeling not quite like myself for some time, I guess the best way to put it is that I've had enough.  I've had enough of playing the "poor me because college sucks" act (even though it does), and I would like to share some positive and happy things in my life currently.  I mean, I think we all need a little bit of positivity in our lives even if the negative does out way it.  With that being said, I've created a list of some positive things in my life.

1.  My Wonderful Friends
     I'm just going to give a shoutout to my friends Leah, Jodie, and Kaitlyn.  These specific girls took a train from Chicago to spend time with me this weekend and helped me "de-stress."  We not only bought matching brunch shirts, but we watched chick flicks, ate ice cream, and blasted One Direction.  Yes, that's what girls do on a Saturday night. 

2.  Lush Bath Bombs
     Nothing is more relaxing than taking a long hot bath after a stressful day.  Lush stole my heart in London, and I'm addicted to trying as many bath bombs as possible.  I'm so excited to try their new Christmas bath bombs that have amazing festive scents!

3.  My Parents
     Just when I think there is no way my parents could get any better, they do.  And I love them.  My dad dropped off groceries at my place this past week because I literally had no time to shop, and my mom took me out for lunch and took me to get my nails done after my exam on Friday.  They are actually the best.

4.  Festive Candles
     Okay.  I love candles.  I bought Bath and Body's Leaves candle about a month ago.  It's gone.  So now I'm ready to bust out some more fun fall scents!  Also, Anthropologie just came out with their holiday candles, and I'm dying to get one in every scent.  I'm actually obsessed.

5.  Good Coffee
     I'm happy to announce that I'm on a first name basis with the baristas that work at my favorite coffee shop.  This is huge.  Did I mention that my name was spelt right too when I picked up my coffee?  So ya, I'm just a little happy.

I hope my list has got you thinking of some positive things in your life, and maybe you should make a list too!  When I write down what I'm thankful for, it's a lot easier to see that even though I may not love my current situation, there is always something to be thankful for.  I hope these upcoming holidays show you that in life, family and friends are what really matter.  I hope you all have a great week!


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